Friday, February 1, 2013

What Flowers Are Really All About

My daughters have been learning all about sex for years.  They are now 2 and 6 years old.  We often sit and observe the sex workers going about their business, visiting client after client, as they hum and buzz about their work.  The work they do is not unlike that undertaken by Sperm Bank employees, they introduce the necessary elements for conception to the new mother without her ever meeting the soon to be father.  The girls are disappointed when a conception fails to take place.  They are sad to see an opportunity wither away without producing anything.  So to increase the likely hood of conception I have taught them to aid the sex workers at their jobs.

In many cases a cotton swab comes to the rescue of the hopeful female.  A dab of brilliant yellow powder is carefully collected from the would be suitor and carefully tapped within the skirts of the would be mother.  Only time will tell if my daughters efforts at assistance will be fruitful.  We carefully tie the skirts together with a piece of thread, we want to know the paternity of the offspring and chastity from this moment forward is important.  Now its a waiting game, will the patient swell and put on weight, or fail completely?

As agents of love my daughters are eager participants.  The sunshine, blossoms, bumble bees and birds all inspire them.  They check on their patients, inquire about their health, and eagerly await the day when the babies join their parents in the garden.  From seed, to leaf, to blossom, to fruit and back again to seed they love to observe the cycle of life.  This is what I have taught them about reproduction.  They are after all only 2 and 6.