Monday, February 4, 2013

My First Crush

You might call me a late bloomer.  Although I married my husband a number of years ago my first crush occurred just a few years ago.  I observe from afar and wish I could bring my self in closer contact with the object of my crush.  I yearn to spend time with the object of my desires and I concoct plans by which I might bring myself into closer association.  There is so much to admire about my crush.  She is generous and giving.  She provides for others while teaching them to provide for themselves. She loves children and spends hours nurturing them every summer.  She is vivacious, bright and lively- and she never looses her temper!  I suppose she might be male, but all of the traits I recognize in her appear to be female.

When we moved to Boise I worked as a nursery consultant for Home Depot.  I was interested in finding a community garden and soon discovered a unique and powerful program called BUGS.  This was a garden that's purpose was mainly educational.  They run a summer camp, provide weekend classes for toddlers, and promote gardening as a wonderful form of education.  The program has a farm stand where children learn about commerce and actively participate.  A true learn by doing philosophy that reaches kids in a whole new way.

The garden is too far from my home to make it practical for me to participate as much as I would like.  So I observe what they do from afar and take part on rare occasions.  My crush on the BUGS program is quite romanticized.  I would love to run a similar program some day.  What could be better- a perfect melding of my desire to educate and my love of gardening.  Perhaps someday I will have a bit of land within a city setting where I can provide such a program.  I will continue to pine from afar as I dream of what could be.  It is the best of crushes!

The object of my crush!