Wednesday, February 6, 2013

It's Not Me, It's You!

Break ups are hard.  They are even worse to go through when you have mixed feelings about your partner.  Sometimes things just are not working out and you need to take a break.  You would not have invited them into your life if they were completely without merit.  Some are too messy, a few have been too lazy, others simply did not preform up to potential.  The real question posed here however is whether or not you can remain friends with an ex.  I would say yes! This does not however mean that you are still willing to share space with an ex.

Some of the plants that I have broken up include the lemon cucumber, the Armenian cucumber, spaghetti squash and turnips.  All of these plants have disappointed me in some way.  The lemon cucumber was lazy, it way under produced compared with the other types of cucumbers. The Armenian cucumbers attempted a garden take over and even the voles would not eat them.  I just don't like spaghetti squash and turnips.  I could not come up with enough different recipes to entice my family to eat them despite both crops preforming very well.  Also- ragged jack kale, this plant broke up with me.  It simply can not survive the aphids that seem to find it each year.  I have tried to rescue it each time, but it did not seem to have the will to live.

By remaining friends with these vegetables, I mean that if your garden happens to produce a bounty of them I will still gladly accept them as gifts.  I just can not justify giving them space in my own garden. We need our space.  Perhaps in a few years nostalgia will kick in and I will yearn for them. I may even invite them back into my garden.  I could discover new recipes that transforms bland stringy spaghetti squash into a delicacy beyond description   Or I might learn that I enjoy turnip greens and grow them for their greens rather than the roots.  But for now we are taking a break from each other as I explore other options.