Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Here's to Dreaming Big!

 This post is a pictorial history of our community garden.  This first photo shows my father and some other volunteers clearing the field that was to become our first garden.  We had twelve beds the first year with ten gardeners.  This is a open field behind a local church.  This year we had to put in water, clear weeds, roto-till and we worked very hard!
The picture below is a very sucessful gardener.  They used an entire pick up bed worth of compost to improve their soil and they had a wonderfully productive plot!
I am the pregnant one with my little girl standing next to me in this picture.  As you can see we had plenty of space!~
This is later in the year and you can see our sunflowers growing in the background.  The gophers where a bit of a challenge in this field!
The second year we expanded the garden and recieved a grant from the Home Depot Foundation for a shed and tools!  A local fraternity supplied some of the muscle!
The Home Depot Foundation even supplied man/woman power for the construction of the shed!
It was a bitterly cold day with both rain and snow!
Look at all our beautiful supplies in their new home!  We no longer have to haul all of our tools back and forth!
Growing nicely isn't it?
One nights harvest from my plot!
A sideways picture of my girl! Found a use for all that awful bind weed!

Breaking ground at our new site in the new city park!  No longer will we garden in the middle of a field of weeds!  They tilled in a lot of compost for us this first year...very greatfull gardeners!
Planting out in the new format- we no longer have individual plots but will all garden together.

The garden grew very, very well!
A local youth group came out to help us harvest for the food bank.
A sample of what we donated!

More to donate!
My girl has grown with my garden! She took these to share with her kindergarten class!