Friday, September 6, 2013

Community Gardening-A new Chapter

In June, my family learned that we would be moving from Meridian, ID to Corvallis, OR.  This move is a blessing to our family in many ways, however, though I greeted the news with great joy two drawbacks quickly made themselves apparent to me.  The first would be leaving a wonderful community full of family and friends who have supported us in a variety of ways.  The second was that I would be forced to leave the community garden that I had created behind just as I could see it reaching all of the goals and dreams that I had for it.

The past couple of months have been spent moving house and settling into our new lives.  We are now living in an apartment and I am once again without a patch of ground to sink my fingers into.  Because we arrived in July it does not seem practical to have a plot this year. Instead I have been visiting a variety of local gardens trying to decide where I would like to apply for a plot of my own.  Corvallis is rich in community gardens and I am eagerly applying for a internship through the Corvallis Environmental Center.

I am particularly interested in an internship in which I would work with the Farm to School Program!  This fantastic program works to bring locally grown produce into our children's schools.  The internship position would put me in direct contact with area growers and allow me to learn more about the growing community here in Corvallis.

I am eager to continue sharing my experiences with community gardening with you.  I will do an overview of the gardens here in Corvallis and give you an update on the Meridian Cooperative Garden at Kliener Park in future posts!