Friday, February 8, 2013

Horrors in the Garden

Have you had the unique pleasure of watching "Little Shop of Horrors"?  Would you believe that this is my idea of a great romantic movie?  It has nerds, needy plants and love....what more could you ask of a movie?  This movie has always made me laugh- the release of endorphin's is certainly romantic, don't you  think?

Did I mention its a musical?  I really do love this movie- Seymour (I think that is the plant's name)  is hilarious!  What kind of plant is that anyway?  Have you ever had a plant take over your life?  I can think of a few...ivy, bamboo, and roses to mention a few.  All of them in need of boundaries and extra time and care.  Each of them in their own way, a horror!

What movie do you love for its plants or gardens?  I can name a few!