Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sunsets and Farmyards

My perfect date would take place during the summer.  A warm summer evening dining under the open sky. Eating perfectly prepared farm fresh food; food that was harvested at this very farm on this very day!  Our local Peaceful Belly Farms offers  Farm to Fork events complete with local wines.  The setting is in a small valley in the Boise Foothills surrounded by the organic fields full of produce that will be sold through their CSA and local Farmers Market stand.

I imagine a wonderful meal, surrounded by others who care about how their food is produced.  Interesting conversation with people happy to share in the harvest.  My wonderful husband joining me, though this is not his idea of a good time.  He prefers air conditioning and a great steak.  A romantic sunset with vivid colors.  The sounds of the birds and peoples laughter rather than cars.  A walk to peek at what our hosts are growing while holding my husbands hand.

The food will be outstanding!  Presented as elegantly as it would be in a fine restaurant   It is a 5 course meal so I look forward to an array of flavors and uniquely presented dishes.  A sampling of local wine, to heighten the occasion.  The relaxed atmosphere encouraging conversation between total strangers.  The table beautifully set, a long expanse of possibility where you can comment to your neighbor about each dish.  A little hand holding under the table to let my husband know just how special this is to me.

This is my idea of a perfect date.  My favorite type of surrounding, joined with my favorite person, experiencing something both new and unique.  The planning on his part may be minimal  but the event created to provide a deep experience of connection between the grower and the consumer.  A meal months in the making   Winter planning, followed by spring sowing, then late summer harvest reaching a climax of chef creativity.  Nature will add the lavish touches of warm breezes and brilliantly hued skys.  A perfect date.